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The Rio Puelo Lodge

     The beautiful Rio Puelo lodge is located in South Central Chile, 170 km southwest of Puerto Montt on the banks of the Tagua-Tagua Lake. It is a spacious facility built with fine local wood creating a comfortable, rustic and informal atmosphere. There is a private bath for each room, a large dinning room and a heating system that keeps the whole lodge at a pleasant


     This mountain retreat is equipped with particular comforts not found in most lodges is Patagonia. Perhaps the most popular item at the lodge is the outdoor hot tub that welcomes anglers after a long day of fishing. Inside the lodge you may relax in the recreational lounge or in the boardroom with modern audio and visual entertainment systems. The international cuisine is another item greatly applauded by the guests at the Rio Puelo Lodge.
Outside the lodge, non-anglers can enjoy sports equipment such as zodiacs, canoes and waters skies. Horseback ridding and trekking are also possible activities at the lodge.


     Flyfishing here mainly takes place in the Puelo, Manso, Traidor and Frio Rivers, however, the mouth and the banks of the Tagua-Tagua Lake can also produce some great fish. The Puelo River is perhaps the most popular for it large size and for its possibilities for many rainbow and brown trout. The Puelo is known for it's excellent salmon fishing and anglers come during the spawning season of May and April to catch Coho, Chinook and even Steelhead. The rivers receive only fishing pressure from guests of the lodge and therefore fish populations have remained abundant and constant for years.
     After a hearty breakfast, the fishing day begins at 8:30 at the dock where a jet boat takes you up the Manso, the Traidor or the Puelo River. It is easy to access almost all parts of the Manso and Traidor rivers by wading, although the Puelo River is too wide and deep and is more effectively fished from the boat. The lodge is located near the mouth of the Puelo River on the Tagua-Tagua Lake so jet boats are used to access the upper stretches of the river. Since the Manso and Traidor Rivers help form the Puelo River they too are accessed by the jet boat.

    In the smaller rivers, standard nymphs and dries will be productive for trout. However, in the Puelo River streamers are most commonly used for both trout and Salmon.

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